instrumentation: two pianos

year: 2006


program notes
I would consider this my very first piece. I composed it in the late spring of 2006 in a Beirut coffeeshop, without access to a piano or a notation software. As a beginner, it was a daunting task, and a huge relief when I finally heard it and liked what I heard. The fugue is chromatic and atonal for the most part, but I allow myself to wander stylistically during one of the episodes, and end up somewhat giving away my initial background as a jazz bass player.

performance history

First performance in October 2006 by Michelle Nam and Martin Karlicek, in Pollack Hall, Montréal, Canada. Second performance by Alexandra Fol and Chris Goddard, in Lichtenstein Hall of McGill University on March 31st, 2007. Third performance by Shi An Costello and Kimihiro Yasaka on May 24th, 2011 in Tanna Hall of McGill University.

download the score